Gloria C. MacKenzie Foundation Has Announced Grants
to the Following Organizations in Maine



Organization Amount
D.A.R.E. Program East Millinocket Police Dept. 3,500
Computers, Playground Equip., Network Updates, Book Room East Millinocket School Dept. 78,179
Updating Heating System East Millinocket School Dept. 100,000
Web Page East Millinocket Town Office 8,400
College Transition Program Eastern Maine Community College 60,000
Expanding Music/Performing Arts Maine School Administrative District 30 12,000
Playground Equipment Medway Recreation Dept. 72,000
Create Historical Society Medway School Dept. 5,000
CNC Routing Equip. Northern Penobscot Tech Reg. III 46,000
Summer Camp Assistance Sgt. Joel A. House Summer Camp 10,000
Upgrades to Rec. Center Town of Sherman 20,000
Shellfish Education Downeast Institute for Applied Marine Research & Education 60,000
Rescue Equipment East Millinocket Fire Dept. 22,000
Public Pool Renovations East Millinocket Recreation Dept. 100,000
Building & Grounds Updates East Millinocket School Dept. 114,198
Purchase Student Desk & Chairs East Millinocket School Dept. 38,500
Performing Arts & Peer Counselor Program East Millinocket School Dept. 33,000
Create Digital Learning Center Friends of Millinocket Library 26,775
Updating Heating System Maine School Administrative District 70 200,000
Computers & Software Maine School Administrative District 30 24,600
Kitchen Equip Upgrades Medway School Dept. 40,500
Library & Performing Arts Medway School Dept. 41,000
Extra-Curricular Supplies Medway School Dept. 6,000
Server & Storage Device Medway School Dept. 3,974
Updating Lighting Milford School Dept. 3,500
Repairs to Building Millinocket Recreation Dept. 10,000
EMT Program Equip., Northern Penobscot Tech Reg. III 38,000
Alignment Machine, Computers, etc. Northern Penobscot Tech Reg. III 46,600
Professional Development Northern Penobscot Tech Reg. III 12,000
Summer Camp Assistance Sgt. Joel A. House Summer Camp 15,000
Emergency Generators Town of Sherman 14,000
Fire Equipment Town of Sherman 51,715
Town Office Updates & Veterans Memorial Town of Stacyville 16,000
Summer Camp Assistance The Summer Camp 5,000
Playground Equipment East Millinocket Recreation Dept. 125,000
Auditorium Renovations East Millinocket School Dept. 450,000
Digital Piano Medway School Dept. 10,000
Ball Field Fence and Dugouts Medway Recreation Dept. 40,000
Engineering Kits and Supplies Regional School Unit #67 1,700
Library and Building Renovations Regional School Unit #89 65,000
Reading Intervention Program Regional School Unit #89 12,504
Summer Camp Assistance Sgt. Joel A. House Summer Camp 4,000
Chair Lift and Building Repairs Town of East Millinocket 79,500
Town Municipal Building/Gym Upgrades Town of Island Falls 125,000
Pavilion Upgrades Town of Mattawamkeag Wilderness Park 15,000
Repairs to Town Buildings Town of Sherman 38,003

Cardiac Monitor and Emergency Training

Town of Springfield VF/EMS Dept.



     Equipment                                                                                                                                         Brownville Fire Dept.                                                                                                             40,614

     Equipment and Building Upgrades                                                                              Dover-Foxcroft Fire Dept.                                                                                                47,760

     Equipment and Building Upgrades                                                                              E. Branch Sno-Rovers and ATV                                                                                    42,298

     Training Material                                                                                                                         E. Millinocket Fire Dept.                                                                                                          1,585

     Building Upgrades                                                                                                                     E. Millinocket Library                                                                                                             15,000

     Auditorium Renovations – Phase II                                                                            E. Millinocket School Dept.                                                                                            143,469

     Equipment                                                                                                                                        Etna Fire Dept.                                                                                                                             80,000

     Museum Repairs                                                                                                                         Frontier Heritage                                                                                                                          5,000

     Equipment                                                                                                                                       Howland Fire and Ambulance                                                                                        20,000

     Training and Building Upgrades                                                                                  Island Falls Fire and Ambulance                                                                                    85,000

     Heating System                                                                                                                          Maine School Administrative District #41                                                      200,000

     Equipment                                                                                                                                      Millinocket Historical Society                                                                                            2,500

     Wireless System Update                                                                                                     Regional School Unit #50                                                                                                  34,000

     Wireless System Update                                                                                                    Regional School Unit #89                                                                                                   30,000

     Training                                                                                                                                            Springfield EMS First Responder Service                                                                      7,139

     Training and Equipment                                                                                                    Town of Linneus Volunteer Fire Dept.                                                                           11,475

     Building Repairs                                                                                                                       Town of Medway                                                                                                                           75,000

     Building Upgrades                                                                                                                 Town of Stacyville                                                                                                                        45,660

    Ambejesus & Chesuncook Boom House Repairs                                          West Branch Historical Preservation Committee                                             30,500



Preserving the Future of Maine

Through its Mission and Vision, the Gloria C. MacKenzie Foundation hopes to improve economic growth and enhance the quality of life for the people of Maine.