Preserving the Future of Maine

Through its Mission and Vision, the Gloria C. MacKenzie Foundation hopes to improve economic growth and enhance the quality of life for the people of Maine.

Gloria C. MacKenzie Foundation
Grants Funding for Education and Improvements for
Public Non-Profit Development in Maine Communities


The Gloria C. MacKenzie Foundation is dedicated to awarding grants that will advance educational opportunities aimed at fostering our specific goals that contribute to and support strong economic development in the state of Maine.


Together with our grantees and collaborators, we strive to positively impact the lives of the people of Maine so that they may continue to live, work, and play in this great state for generations to come.


The Gloria C. MacKenzie Foundation, hereafter called “the Foundation”, is a family-based philanthropic organization that was established in 2013.

Our founder, Gloria C. MacKenzie, was born and raised in northern Maine, where she raised her own family. While alive, Gloria was dedicated to finding ways to improve the educational and economic opporutnites for the people of Maine. Her family continues this legacy.

As a caring and compassionate philanthropist, Gloria’s Foundation bears her name and supports initiatives that can make a difference in communities throughout Maine.