Gloria C. MacKenzie Foundation Areas of Interest


In order to provide a viable future for Maine residents, investment in quality education is crucial. We strive to instill in children and young adults throughout Maine a desire to develop a core set of values that include: exceeding expectations, a commitment to leadership, an emphasis on diverse learning, and self-accountability both in personal and professional aspects.  Some examples of the types of programs the Foundation seeks to assist are:

  • Purchasing updated curriculum
  • Reinstating  or expanding arts, music and cultural programs
  • Expanding science, math and language arts programs
  • Sponsoring educational experiences such as field trips
  • Funding improvements to educational facilities
  • Supporting professional development programs for teachers

Technical Training Programs

Developing a well-educated and talented workforce is important to a community’s future and adds to quality to life. Our goal is to support programs that develop skills of Maine-based industries.

Improvements for Public Non-Profit Development

The Foundation is interested in innovative and leading-edge projects that will support public non-profit development especially in rural areas.  Requests will be considered for programs that collaborate with town, state or national partners.

Civic Pride Grants

The Gloria C. MacKenzie Foundation is making available Civic Pride Grants in the amount of $100-$500. These grants will be available from Jan 1 thru Dec 1 of the calendar year. To begin the process, download and complete the Civic Pride Grant Application.

Geographic Priorities

In keeping with the founder’s wishes, we award grants that aim to improve the quality of life for the people of Maine with the primary focus on  Penobscot, Piscataquis, and Aroostook counties. Exceptions may include occasional funding for state or national programs operating in the state of Maine that complement or relate to our work in those counties.

Preserving the Future of Maine

Through its Mission and Vision, the Gloria C. MacKenzie Foundation hopes to improve economic growth and enhance the quality of life for the people of Maine.